SECTION A : Details of the Applicant

Primary Contact Person:

Secondary Contact Person:


SECTION B : Details of the Project

Implementation Team
Team member 1

Team member 2

Team member 3

Team member 4

Intellectual Property (Describe the new Intellectual Property (IP) (trademark or copyright) that will be developed and protected).

Note: It is mandatory to deliver at least one IP filed arising from this project.

Type of Intellectual Property to be filed (trademark or copyright) Brief description of the proposed IP Details of the proposed IP

SECTION C : To be submitted separately

Please provide a link to download demo or prototype*

Please provide a link to download game art / concept art

Please provide a link to download production plan (6 months).

Please provide a link to download budget (Propose your budget with the amount of grant given (up to RM50,000.00)


SECTION D : Market Potential and Business Model

Describe your marketing plan in terms of marketing activities and strategies, unique selling points and also target audience.

Innovativeness / unique selling point.

Target market(s) in terms of value / units / geography.

Key competitors with respect to the identified target market(s)

Business model and commercialisation/sales strategies


SECTION E : Declaration & Provide the SSM Form 9 / Form D Link

I confirm that the company/enterprise is:

Please provide a link to download for SSM Form 9 / Form D